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Sunday, 24 April 2016 20:19
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ITR International Tournament of Robots 2017

Welcome to ITR International Tournament of Robots! Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil, 2018. Welcome to ENIAC, Guarulhos.

The event was idealized in 2015, aiming at providing schools, families and the educational scenario with an organized way to support the learning of science and technology.

In this event, there are six branches of challenges for robots: Drone's Games, Humanoids Games, Entertainment Robots, Rescue Robots, Ultra Strongest Robots, Virtual Robots.

The event seeks to consistently provide a natural path between the development of basic education and the inclusion of young adults in the world as productive citizens. It also brings together the Symposium on Issues on Technology and Curriculum and the Symposium on Technologies Applied to the Study of Languages and Codes.

Every year, as the Robotics Tournament for the Youth has done, it will provide basic educational materials, support notebooks and guidance to schools regarding the necessary resources to take part in the event, so that they can integrate the desired challenges into their technology courses.

In this year, the event will be held at ENIAC - University Center, Guarulhos, São Paulo.


R. Força Pública, 89 - Centro, Guarulhos - SP, 07012-030

At 9.7 km ( 11 minutes) from Franco Montoro International Airport).

At 11.9 km (20 minutes) from University of Sao Paulo, campus Leste.

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